'FUEL' was created to explore the complexities of feminism and examines current social conditions by fusing movement, fashion and film. Lead by 7 women and shot on Kodak 35mm film, the motion picture intends to encapsulate these raw and vulnerable topics inconclusively, and aims to leave the audience questioning their own perspective.

Director: Amy Gardner

DOP: Katelin Arizmendi

Choreography: Amy Gardner and Loni Landon

Producers: Marina Cukeric, Emi Stewart | ALL EXPLANDED

Photographer | Stills : Jaclyn Martinez

Managing Producer: Roxanne Doucet

Art Direction / Styling: Ashley Owens

Colorist: Tom Poole

SteadiCam: Stew Cantrell

Makeup Artist: Clara Rae

Hair Stylist: Junya Nakashima

1st AC: Dave Flannigan Gaffer:

Geoff Taylor

Key Grip: Zach Frank

PA: Brendan Gosse

Dancers: Nikki King, Sy Gaskin, Kibrea Carmichael, Cara Diaz, Cesar Brodermann, Courtney Barth, Jen Fournier, Miranda Chan, Nicola Collie, Maxwell Perkins, Gwen Mackenzie, Shelby Jane Terrell, Emily Woh,l Caitlin Taylor, Garrett Steagall